Hey! I’m Madison.


1. I love people and making new friends. I put a lot of care into my relationships with others.

2. I’m studying journalism, computer science and design at Northwestern University.

3. Right now, I’m a newsroom engineering intern for The Washington Post, developing live election components for 2020. Previously, I was a member of the Bay Area Immersion Program, and a reporting intern for Happenstance.

4. This past year, I designed the UI/UX of a music news aggregator as part of Northwestern’s Knight Lab Studio, and completed a service design project with Airbnb on understanding budget travelers.

5. I enjoy conveying information in beautiful ways, but I’m equally invested in the story and its significance. For example, I enjoy making interactive art on the meaning of life, I write essays about Asian-American identity, and, when I’m bored, I annotate song lyrics on Genius.

Nice to meet you :) I hope you enjoy my work!