Hey! I’m Madison.

1. I’m a student journalist and designer-developer at Northwestern University, studying journalism, computer science, and design.

2. This fall, I’m interning in The Washington Post’s computational journalism lab, researching and prototyping ways that algorithms can improve election coverage. Last summer, I was also at the Post as a newsroom engineering intern, designing and developing live election pages. Previously, I was a reporting intern for Happenstance.

3. I enjoy conveying information in beautiful and new ways, but I’m equally invested in a good story. For example, I make interactive art on the meaning of life, I write essays about Asian-American identity, and I just love talking to new people.

4. I’m searching for Summer 2020 opportunities in interactive journalism or design research.

PS: I enjoy getting existential over coffee/boba, so let me know if you want to chat.

Nice to meet you :) I hope you enjoy my work!